Saturday, June 12, 2010

For one moment...

I felt light, my body was a breezze swaying with the gravity surrounding me. All was dark, only to be illuminated with celestial objects. They were a sight that would take anyone's breath away and make you consider your existence and where you came from...literally I had no way of describing the power of awe emitted by them. Silence overpowered everything, all I could hear was my gentle breathing.
My mind was clear,but puzzled to where my next destination would be. I could be blasted a few lightyears away to completely different worlds...the thought excited me. What would I find? Would the knowledge I behold be enough? So many questions with so many uncertain answers. Just for now, I would let my body float and let the current I felt take me deep into space, while I calmly watched Earth get smaller and smaller and smaller until it was a bright star in the distance.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

In my dreams

In the hot dessert I'm walking with no direction. All there is are dunes and the sun casting shadows down on them. All of a sudden I see in the distance a person coming closer but stops just a bit far but close enough for me to see, that person in fact is you.
I pick up my feet heavy from exhaustion, with the impulse from seeing you made me start running as fast as possible to get there before you dissapeared. As soon as I got there, you were legs gave in and I fell to the ground.
While I was laying there, a raindrop fell on my forehead, and then on my lips, on my chest, on my arms and then all over. My exhaustion washed off, and it felt as if I was born again.
What a miracle! I was so thirsty, I needed the water badly, so I opened my mouth to let the heavenly raindrops replenish me, but as soon as the first drop fell in my mouth, I was transported to a beach. There was a jungle of trees facing the ocean, peaceful really. All you could was the wind and the waves crashing.
What a beautiful sight! I thought...but how in the world did I get there? It was really puzzling till I saw a message written out on the sand, the message read: I'll follow you wherever you go.
Who wrote that? I looked around, but no one in sight. I turn to the ocean and I see you again, just standing there with a smile on your face. How your smile warms me up inside, its magical!
So, there I go again walking across the water hoping, praying you won't dissapear.
Finally I get to you, I look down to your purple eyes and smile. I hug you while the water is crashing around us, and you just whisper in my ear I'll follow you wherever you go. With your last breath, the sky got gray the wind got strong and the water got rough. In a snap of a finger everything went dark.
I wake up with the sun shining in my face, I look to my side at the empty space in the bed. I'm saddened by this, but I turn to my night table and I have a picture of you, which makes me remember I dreamt all night with you. How I want you by my side...Why did cancer have to take you?? The day you passed away, I was left with a hole in my heart. Our children tried to help me, I know they wanted the best for me.
A year has passed, and I've been fine and at times missing you like crazy; but I'm happy when it's time to fall asleep because I know I'll be seeing you in my dreams. In life I had you for 50 years, but in my heart I'll have you forever wherever you are.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Waiting for the moon to rise

I walk through the dark forest just hearing the wind whistle through the trees...I'am following a trail that I've never knew before, but having the stars above guide my way. All that I'm looking and waiting for is for the moon to rise...
Is it creeping behind mountains or clouds, I ask myself, because all I see are shadows dancing on the ground beneath me, where is the moon that I've been waiting for all day?
The sun has been good company for now, but what I long for is the magical glow that the moon solely owns.
Just wait for it, for it soon will rise! they tell me...
I close my eyes tight, hoping that the darkness that fills the eastern sky is all bliss once the moon has risen.
Alas, I look up and so my wait is over.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lost II

Será un encuentro bastante curioso entre nuestros personajes de miradas cautivadoras...
¿que palabras susurrarán? pueden ser de odio o de amor, pero lo que si es seguro expresarán la atracción que existió desde el primer momento que cruzaron sus miradas.
¿A donde los llevará su historia? ¿tendrán un final feliz? o ¿sus penas desbordarán los ríos? Son varias interrogantes que pueden surgir al pensar en el destino de estos dos seres que magníficos pueden parecer a primera vista, pero lo que uno no sabe es que comparten un pasado que los puede arruinar si es descubierto...día a día viven,tratando de olvidar ese pasado tan secreto que los persigue. En su interior se derrama el miedo y la confusión, pero todo ello ceso hasta ese día tan memorable cuando se conocieron.
Inmediatamente su preocupación desapareció y lo único que acaparaba sus mentes, fue la esencia que irradiaba el uno del otro.
Él no dejaba de pensar en ella, y ella se encontraba en las mismas.
¿Que será de ellos?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

this is your last chance

Believe me, come run away with me through this pouring rain...I don't know where this road will take us, but I know it will wash away all our fears.
Take a risk with me, feel free to scream, laugh, cry on the way...I just want you to experience every feeling you've been missing out on.

Run as fast as you can, try to keep up with me like that time in SoHo.

Those were the days, but just wait...we will be living them again

Saturday, November 21, 2009


He buscado por todo el mundo esos ojos color violeta que no me han dejado pensar claramente ni dormir.
La primera vez que los presencie fue como si naciera de nuevo, sentí un bienestar recorrer todas mis venas pero a la vez sentí miedo...miedo por los sentimientos que emanaba esa mirada que me volvió loco. No puedo explicar por qué me he envuelto en ese color tan singular, y la atracción generado en mi por conocer a la dueña de esos hermosos ojos.
Yo sé que no me hará nada bien involucrarme con ella pero necesito verla aunque sea unos minutos para perderme en su mirada.